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Selective Contacts and Active Layers for Energy Devices

The SCALED project innovates in the field of generation and storage of renewable energy, pursuing satisfactory solutions to social demands for a sustainable energy transition. We propose the development of devices using simple and economical fabrication techniques that further foster the penetration of photovoltaic solar energy for a more environmentally friendly future. In this context, active layers and selective contacts, alternative to those used in conventional technologies, will be investigated. The consortium is a pioneer …
El proyecto SCALED innovará en la generación y almacenamiento de energía renovable, dando respuesta a la demanda social por un modelo energético sostenible. Desarrollaremos dispositivos con técnicas de fabricación sencillas y económicas, por una energía solar fotovoltaica respetuosa con el medioambiente. Investigaremos capas activas y contactos selectivos alternativos a los utilizados en tecnologías convencionales. El consorcio es pionero …


New selective contacts for energy devices

Identification of selective contacts non-based on conventional doped heterojunctions. They must be deposited by simple fabrication processes, avoiding the use of hazardous materials.

Alternative light absorbers for photovoltaic devices

New light absorbers alternative to crystalline silicon wafers. Working for a next-generation thin-film PV devices.

Transparent electrodes free of critical raw materials

Multilayer transparent electrodes of good electrical properties and free of critical raw materials. Graphene will be specifically studied.

Laser processes for material treatment and patterning

Patterning of device structures by fast and simple laser ablation, alternative to standard photolithographic processes.

Laser processes to deposit metals and dielectrics

Novel solutions for depositing functional layers or electrodes without the need of high-vacuum equipment, flexible design of device configuration.

Solar cells based on non-conventional materials

Fabrication of solar cells integrating materials and new technologies developed within the project, combining high efficiency with simple fabrication routes.

Selective contacts for energy storage devices

Prospection on the use of selective contacts in the electrodes of storage devices like lithium-ion batteries. Potentially improved performance and life-cicle.